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Hurling Bets
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As the popularity of Hurling amongst online betting sites continues to rise, so does the number of bets that you can place. Even though the biggest demographic for betting on Hurling is that of punters based in Ireland, it does include many bettors who are based outside of Ireland and who maybe aren’t as clued up to the sport as they might be.

We’ve set up this article to highlight the markets that you can bet on within the sport. Whilst many will be familiar with the more mainstream betting markets that are on offer, there are plenty out there that you maybe aren’t as familiar with, and some that will offer more value for certain games.

Match Betting

The match betting market will be the most popular and is also the simplest to use for most punters. It’s simply where you bet on either a home win, away win or the draw. What you will find is that all bookies who host Hurling on their site will offer this.

The one thing to look out for with this type of bet is the discrepancy in the odds that are on offer. Due to the sport not having the same following as something like soccer, you will often find that different bookmakers serve up varying odds, so it’s well worth shopping about.

Over / Under

You’re going to be able to choose from a wide range of over/under betting markets. These markets will simply require you to decide if there is going to be more or less than the line that is set by the bookmaker. The range of markets can vary quite significantly and we have outlined some of the more popular below.

  • Total points
  • Cards
  • Fouls
  • Point methods


The handicap market is one of the most utilised markets when betting on Hurling. The reasoning behind this because a lot of the games are often pretty one sided, especially when you get into the knockout stages of games and away from the inter-county matches.

The handicap will either give one team a positive or negative number of points. After the game is complete, you then will either add or subtract the points to give you your handicap scored. Points will be represented as a positive or negative number, depending on whether points need to be added or subtracted after the match.

Draw No Bet

The draw no bet removes the draw result from the match. So, if you bet on, say, the Home team to win in this market, and the game finishes as a draw, the bet will be refunded to your account and regarded as a push.

The market is fairly popular with Hurling as, like GAA Football, games are often high scoring meaning that the likelihood of a draw is slim.

Betting Margins

For this market, you will be betting on the winning margin for each game. The range of points that you choose will have an affect on the odds on offer, generally with larger margins offering up larger odds.

What you’re going to find from this betting market is that it becomes popular for games that punters feel are going to be fairly tight. It will likely provide a better yield than simply betting on the outright winner, but in turn, they are both linked fairly heavily.

First Points Scorer

When betting on the first points scorer, you are essentially going to be able to choose which player is going to score the first points of that particular game. For most of these markets, it doesn’t matter the method of the points that are scored, just as long as they rack up the first ones.

Total Points Odd/Even

An easy market to bet on is the total points in a match. You simply need to bet on whether at full time the total points that have been scored by both teams will equal odd or even. These are going to be pretty much even money bets, so it’s a bit of a toss of the coin in reality.

First Scoring Play

You are going to be able to choose how the first points of the game are scored for either team. These will generally range from points from play, points from a placed ball, goal or even no scoring play, with the later being very unlikely.