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Fitzpatrick’s Casino Tallaght

The Tallaght branch of the Fitzpatrick’s Casino chain is actually located inside the four-star Plaza Hotel Complex. That’s right next door to the Square Shopping Centre, so you couldn’t get a much more central location in the town if you tried. If you’re wondering when you can go there then wonder no more: It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When it comes to slots and computerised betting machines you’re not going to do better than the Tallaght casino.

As with the majority of casinos in Ireland, you need to be a member to get the most out of your Fitzpatrick Casino visit. Becoming a member will allow you to take part in special events, enter competitions to win money and also join their loyalty scheme. In order to become a member just take some valid ID to the club when you first attend.

Fitzpatrick’s Casino Tallaght

The Plaza Complex, Belgard Square S, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland

Casino Games


Let’s not understate things here, the Tallaght branch of the Fitzpatrick Casino chain is all about the slots. With the exception of computerised roulette that we’ll tell you a bit more about later, as well as a ‘wheel of fortune’ type device, the gaming floor here is given over to lots and lots of slot machines. These aren’t boring, run of the mill slot machines either. They are some of the best and latest gaming devices from America and elsewhere in Europe, aimed at offering you an exciting and fun filled experience.


As the Fitzpatrick Casino concentrates mostly on slot machines, there aren’t any table games to speak of. That means that Blackjack is conspicuous in its absence from the gaming floor. Fear not, though, there’s still plenty to do and lots of machines to keep your attention!


There is an electronic roulette machine in the Tallaght Casino. The wheel and the ball are real, but instead of placing physical chips on a table and having to elbow your way past people to place a bet you get to sit down in comfort and place your bets on a computerised screen. Red or black? Odd or even? The choice is yours.


The only other game of note is the Wheel Of Fortune, but even that isn’t quite what you imagine from a casino game. It’s not about placing money down and seeing what you can win but rather about spinning the wheel in order to try and win a prize. It’s exciting, but it’s probably not reason alone to head along to Tallaght.


Perhaps the biggest omission from the Fitzpatrick roster in the Tallght Casino is poker. The world’s most popular card game isn’t available here, so don’t be turning up and expecting to throw down your ante and up the blind. There are loads of things to do but poker isn’t one of them.

Bars & Restaurants

There is no bar to speak of and no restaurant for you to gorge yourself on. That doesn’t mean that you’ll starve if you head here though with vending machines dotted around the casino and a small kitchenette with coffee and tea making facilities available.


Members of the Fitzpatrick Casino chain get to enter prize draws. They get to take advantage of special events. They can win money through monthly and even daily promotions. In other words, it’s not a bad idea to become a member. All you need to do is take a driving license, passport, and a recent utility bill along to one of the clubs and they’ll sort out the rest. Ideal if you’re a regular attendee looking for a little something extra.

Player Rewards

There is indeed a Loyalty Scheme available through the Fitzpatrick Casino Group. Each time you go along and gamble you get points with the accumulation of points you achieve going some way towards getting you some rewards. Ask at reception for more details.

Getting There

In days of yore Tallaght was little more than a village with a tiny population that not many people knew all that much about. Nowadays it has a population of just shy of 90,000 and could well be granted city status in the coming years. Not bad for a town just outside of Dublin. The casino itself is pretty much smack bang in the town centre, just along the road from Tallaght Stadium and a short walk from the home of Shamrock Rovers Football Club. It’s also not far from the Civic Theatre, if you’d like a more cultural point of reference.

When it comes to public transport there is no major rail network station nearby, but the Light Rail stops in several places not far from the casino. The main Tallaght Light Rail Station is just on the other side of the shopping centre with the Hospital stop also a ten-minute walk away. There are a host of bus stops in close proximity to the casino but the Square / Tallaght is almost certainly the closest.