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Tallaght Casinos

Tallaght could technically come under the jurisdiction of Dublin when it comes to casinos, but it’s half an hour away by car and if you start broadening out areas to include that sort of distance then you get into a right pickle. Tallaght is worth thinking of as its own entity, even if it has only got one casino worth talking about.

Map of Casinos in Tallaght

There’s a Fitzpatrick Casino in Dublin, so in one sense it’s a bit weird there’s one as close as Tallaght. The Tallaght branch is nearly identical to its Dublin sister in so much as there are no table games and the only non-electronic game you can play is a Wheel of Fortune style one.

The electronic gaming is the real draw, with pretty much the entirety of the casino given over to the slots. There are new slot machines brought over from America and top-of-the-range ones from Europe to keep you entertained, so if that’s your bag you won’t be disappointed. There’s also Electronic Roulette, should you fancy a pop at the spinning ball game and prefer not to interact with people whilst you’re doing it.

Obviously, the town’s proximity to Dublin means that you might want to head there if you’d prefer a bit more variety. There’s nothing wrong with slot machines, of course, but table games are the lifeblood of the casino experience for plenty of people. You’ll be able to do pretty much what you want, when you want when it comes to a casino lifestyle in Ireland’s capital, though Tallaght’s Fitzpatrick Casino won’t disappoint if the slots are all you need.