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Sligo Casinos

If you aren’t from Ireland you’d be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of Sligo. It may be one of the biggest towns in the country but it doesn’t boast the same kind of pull for tourists as the likes of Dublin and Cork. Little wonder, then, that there’s only one casino to speak of in the area.

Map of Casinos in Sligo

The Adelaide Casino offers everything you’d expect from the sole gambling venue in an area, with an entire floor for each type of game you might want to play. The electronic gaming floor features some of the newest slots in Ireland, complete with linked jackpots between the machines. There is also Electronic Roulette on offer, which is good, as there isn’t an actual roulette table here. As with most clubs nowadays it’s the poker that takes centre stage, with games on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays and tournaments throughout the month.

The casino is located on the southern side of the river that runs through the city. It doesn’t have a restaurant or bar, though refreshments are available upon request. It’s just as well then that you can wander out and find a decent selection of both just a few minutes walk away. That means that you can wet your whistle or fill your stomach before heading back in to take on more games. The casino is open from eleven in the morning until ‘late’ every day, so you’re always likely to be able to have a go at the machines or card games when you’re in the mood to.

There aren’t any other casinos in close proximity so if you find yourself in Sligo and fancy a bit of a flutter then this is the place you’ll be heading to. There are big screens inside the venue, though, so you could always break up your gaming to watch some live sport or the like.