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Monaghan Casinos

According to the 2011 census the town of Monaghan boasted less than 10,000 residents. It’s not exactly a shock, therefore, that there’s only one casino worthy of the name in the area.

Map of Casinos in Monaghan

Diamonds Casino is located in the heart of the town centre on Dublin Street, but you’d walk straight past it if you weren’t actively looking for it. The inauspicious entrance belies what you’ll find inside, however. There’s a somewhat luxurious feel to the place and both gambling veterans and casino first-timers will feel welcome here. Open from 9pm until 5am, there’s plenty to keep you busy inside the casino.

There are one or two slot machines dotted around the place, which isn’t bad considering this is really a venue for those that enjoy card games. That’s why it’s the likes of Blackjack and Roulette that take pride of place with poker nights also a regular occurrence. There’s a bar area here, though you’d be reluctant to call it an actual bar. Food and refreshments can be requested by those playing casino games.

As is the case with many of the smaller towns around Ireland that boast a casino, there aren’t all that many alternatives in the nearby area. The Emerald Casino in Dundalk is probably the closest if you’re looking for something else for your wagering needs. Even that’s about an hour away in the car but it offers plenty more slot machines if that’s something you’re keen on.