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Limerick Casinos

Perhaps best known as a word used to describe a witty poem, Limerick is the fourth most populated city on the island of Ireland. You’d be forgiven, then, for thinking that it would be a hot-bed of casinos and gaming emporiums. You’d also be wrong, as in fact, there’s only one casino to speak of in the city.

Map of Casinos in Limerick

Fitzpatrick’s is a casino chain with venues in DublinDun Laoghaire and Tallaght, as well as the Fitzpatrick’s in Limerick. The casinos all offer decent slots and the chain are linked together to offer exceptional jackpots on their machines. If you’re a slot lover then you won’t go wrong if you head to a Fitzpatrick’s casino.

Unlike some of Ireland’s other casino’s that have decent slot gaming, Fitzpatrick’s hasn’t abandoned the card tradition of a casino altogether. No, you can play Blackjack on some dedicated tables, have a go at Roulette and, of course, play Poker. We say ‘of course’ but actually the Limerick branch is the main one for live poker in the Fitzpatrick Group. They offer both Omaha and Texas Hold’Em tournaments on different days of the week.

Limerick is sort of halfway between Cork and Dublin. The capital city offers more choice when it comes to casinos, but you’re probably going to want to avoid the near three-hour trip just to have a game of poker when you can do it at Limerick’s finest casinos, anyway. The same is true of Cork, which also has less choice casino-wise than Dublin. Stick with what you’ve got is probably the best option here.