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Colossus Casino Club

Open from 8am until 8pm five days a week and until 10am on the weekend, The Colossus Casino Club is one of the most pleasant nights out in Dublin. There are numerous casino games available, but this is especially the sort of place you’ll fancy if you’re a fan of poker.

Membership of The Colossus is free, you just need to be over the age of 18 and be able to provide the club with a photo ID. You don’t need to apply for membership in advance and you can join even if you’re only visiting Dublin for a short period of time.

Colossus Casino Club

4A Montague St, Dublin, D02 T803, Ireland

Casino Games


The Colossus specialises in table games, so there are no slot machines. The club does have an association with Mr. Green, though. This is an online casino that allows you to play slot games through its website.


Blackjack started life as the French game ‘vingt-et-un’ before gaining in popularity when it was played in the high-stakes casinos of Nevada’s world famous Las Vegas. Many people have tried to come up with systems to beat the game with most dealers happy to advise you on what to do according to the system known as ‘Basic Strategy’.

There are no special variations of the game in play at The Colossus at the time of writing. The only exception to this being the opportunity to take ‘insurance’ should the dealer’s first card be an ace.


Another game that came from France, roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world owing to the fact that it is one of the few games that doesn’t overwhelmingly favour the house.

At The Colossus there are European roulette tables. These are arguably the friendliest to the gambler as they only contain one green ‘0’ slot, as opposed to the game known as American roulette that has both a ‘0’ and a ’00’ slot.


Roulette and BlackJack are the staple diet games of most table-game heavy casinos, but they’re not the only ones on offer at The Colossus. Here’s the other game that you’ll want to spend a little bit of time playing during your visit.

Brit Brag

Put simply, Brit Brag is three card poker played in the style of a table game like BlackJack. You tend to play against the dealer and there are two ways to bet and three way to win. If you opt for ‘Pair Plus’ then you’re not playing against the dealer and are just hoping for a pair or better. This bet has the highest odds and they’re displayed on the table you play on.

The more traditional variation is ‘Ante Bet’. This is where you play against the dealer and decided whether to stay ‘in’ once you’ve seen your cards. Bonus’ are available on ‘special’ hands such as three of a kind.


Poker is probably the most popular game at The Colossus. There are tournaments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as cash and league games on a nightly basis.

Bars & Restaurants

There isn’t a bar at The Colossus but there are kitchen facilities for food, hot drinks and soft drinks.


You do need to be a member to enter The Colossus, but that’s an easy enough thing to achieve. Just bring photo ID and be over 18. If you’d like you can fill in an application form on the club’s website before going, but this isn’t a necessity.

Player Rewards

There is no rewards scheme as such at the club, but they do run numerous promotions on a regular basis, such as the €1000 guarantee on Wednesday and Thursday tournaments.

Getting There

The Colossus is situated on Montague Street about fifteen minutes walk from Dublin Castle, so it’s easily accessible from the centre of town. Whitefriars Street Church and Dublin City South/Aungier Street bus stops are both just moments away from the club, too.