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Macau Casino Dublin

There are two Macau Casinos in Ireland, one of which is located in the centre of Dublin. As well as an excellent poker room, there are also numerous other casino games available in luxurious surroundings. If you’ve got some time to kill in the capital of Ireland and fancy a flutter then the Macau Casino is worth dropping into.

It’s open from 6pm until 6am seven days a week, so you’ll be able to drop in any evening that you like. It’s a members only club but that’s not a problem: Membership is free. All you need to is make sure that you’ve got a photo ID with you, such as your passport or driving license.

Macau Casino Dublin

78 Aungier St, Dublin 2, D02 YD89, Ireland

Casino Games


There are a number of excellent slot machines available at Macau Casino in Dublin. All of the latest slot machines are available, as are electronic roulette machines and the like.


The Dublin edition of the Macau Casino group has a number of table games, with Blackjack high on the list. Test your wits against the casino’s dealers and see if you get closer to 21 than them without going bust in the process.


The casino boasts a couple of roulette tables. These are of the European variety that have one zero and thirty-six numbered squares for you to place your chips on.


There are a number of good table games available for your amusement at Macau Casino in Dublin. Blackjack and Roulette are the obvious ones, but what if you fancy a game slightly off the beaten track? Well, how does Punto Banco tickle your fancy? Better known as North American Baccarat, Punto Banco is a simplified version of the game you might well remember James Bond playing when he hits a casino.

The casino also offers table variations of poker. Three Card Poker is one of the better-known table-based interpretations of everyone’s favourite card game, but Macau Casino also offers Casino Hold’em Poker. That is a table-based game that is a clever variation of the now extremely popular form of Texas Hold’em Poker.


Macau Casino Dublin boasts one of the city’s newest card rooms. The fully air-conditioned room on the top floor of the casino has professional, internationally trained dealers and a good, friendly atmosphere. Tournaments are run in the card room from Monday to Friday. There are also cash leagues and regular cash games that you can take part in. Should you wish to know the schedule then the club will be only too happy to provide you with a timetable.

Bars & Restaurants

At the time of writing there isn’t a bar or restaurant in the Macau Casino in Dublin. There is one in the company’s Cork branch, though, so this might be something that they’re considering introducing at some point in the future if the facilities allow it.


As a member’s only club it’s true that you do have to join in order to get into the casino. There’s a reciprocal arrangement with the Cork club, though, so if you’re a member there then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get in. You can join on your first visit as all you need to do is present the casino with a valid photo ID. This can be something like a driving license or a passport. Membership is free too, which is a nice bonus.

Player Rewards

There isn’t a player reward scheme as such, but there is what the club refers to as a ‘casino loyalty program’. This features special offers from time to time for things like poker and gaming.

Getting There

Macau Casino is located to the South of the River Liffey. If you were to cross the water on the Grattan Bridge and keep going as the crow flies, you would eventually walk past it. The bad news is that there are buildings in the way, however, the good news is that those buildings are City Hall and Dublin Castle, so at least you know the landmarks you’re looking for. The Gaiety Theatre is only just around the corner, too, should you wish to pop in after seeing a show.

Public transport wise, there are three stops not far from the club. Whitefriars Street Church bus stop is on the same side of the road as the casino and is about a minutes walk away. Dublin City South / Aungier Street stop is on the other side of the road and about the same distance. Just a little further up the way towards Dublin Castle is Fade Street bus stop.