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Dublin Casinos

Given that Dublin is the most visited city in Ireland, with six of the country’s most visited tourist attractions in its boundaries, it’s little wonder that it also features more casinos than any other Irish locale.

Map of Casinos in Dublin

As with most cities, there are different types of casinos throughout Dublin. A good example of that is The Fitzwilliam Card Club on Lower Fitzwilliam Street. Better known merely as The Fitz, you can play roulette, BlackJack and other card based games here. Although there are no slot machines, there are plenty of chances to play poker in the place that has been voted the ‘Best Irish Card Room’ at the Irish Poker Awards.

If you’re a fan of the slots and don’t want to miss an opportunity to have a go at some then somewhere like The D1 Club on Dorset Street might be more to your taste. It is very much a ‘traditional’ casino, so expect luxurious surroundings and table games aplenty. It’s the bottom floor you’ll be heading to if you’re there mainly for the slots, as the entire area is given over to Ireland’s most advanced gaming machines. They still welcome poker players, though, so don’t feel as if it’s not for you if you’re a Texas Hold’Em enthusiast.

There are about eight other casinos to choose from on top of these two, so if you’re someone that enjoys placing a bet or two then you’re not going to struggle to find somewhere to head to on a night out. The Emerald Casino and Fitzpatrick’s Casino are the only two that are open 24-hours, with most other locations choosing to open late in the evening and stay available until the early hours of the morning.