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The Bank Casino

The Bank Casino and Card Club is one of Ireland’s best members clubs. Based between the two strands of the River Lee in the centre of Cork, it was completely re-designed back in 2009. Specialising in poker tournaments but with other games such as Blackjack and roulette available, it is a ‘must visit’ if you’re in Cork and fancy placing a bet or two.

The club is open from 9pm until late on a Monday and then 11pm until late for the rest of the week. As we said above, it is a members club and the clue is in the title with that one; you do need to be a member to enter. That’s not a major issue, though, with membership being free and easily done as long as you’ve got suitable ID.

The Bank Casino

The Bank Casino

Casino Games


The Bank is mainly about table games with poker and Blackjack dominating the club. That means that there aren’t really any slot machines to speak of, so if that’s what you’re after then this maybe isn’t the club for you.


There are a number of Blackjack tables to play on here. The game is a popular one in casinos across the world, so that’s not a major surprise! Like with most Blackjack tables there’s the ability to bet on things other than just the ante. Have a chat with the dealer and they’ll be happy to talk you through your options.


There’s a good roulette table here, so enjoy the thrill and excitement of watching the ball spin around the wheel and wonder, just for a moment, whether it will land in a slot that will cause you disappointment or elation. Again, if you’re not too sure how the roulette works then don’t be afraid to have a chat with the croupier who will explain the outside bets, the inside numbers, odds, evens and all of the other variations on the table.


There aren’t really any other games on offer here. You can ask a dealer whether they’ll play ‘higher or lower’ but we wouldn’t hold out much hope on them agreeing, to be perfectly honest.


Poker is the Bank’s true love, so it won’t be much of a surprise to you to learn that there are loads of games run on a regular basis. Whether you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em or Omaha, there will be a game that will tickle your fancy going on at some point. Cash games are run on a Thursday evening from 11pm. The club has a good social media game going on, so if you’re on Facebook or Twitter then get following them to be kept up to date with when their games are happening.

Bars & Restaurants

There is no bar or restaurant to speak of in the venue, though you can get soft drinks and snacks if you’re nice and polite to the staff. Actually, we don’t know if that last bit is a pre-requisite but it’s always good to be nice.


You do need to be a member to enter the Bank, what with it being a members club and all. In order to that you simply need to take some valid ID like a driving license or passport and maybe a utility bill just in case.

Player Rewards

At the time of writing, there’s no loyalty scheme available at the Bank. Obviously, if that changes at any point then we’ll let you know.

Getting There

The Bank Casino and Card Club is close to the Southern branch of the River Lee, pretty much in the centre of Cork. If you’re the sort of person who likes to find their way around based on local landmarks, then there are a number that you can keep an eye out for, starting with the obvious one of Clarks Bridge that the casino is based on. It’s virtually opposite the social welfare office and is a couple of minutes walk from Cork City Library. Perhaps even more helpful if you’re not from Cork is the city’s Tourist Information Office, which is about five-minutes away.

Should you wish to use public transport for your journey to the casino then you’ll be pleased to know that Cork Kent Train Station is about twenty or minutes or so from the club on foot. If you’d rather get the bus, then there are several stops not far from the door of the Bank. Wandesford Quay is on the other side of the river with the Washington Street / Four Star Pizza stop on the same side of the river branch and probably closer. There’s one other stop you might want to use which is on the South Main Street.