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Macau Casino Cork

Ireland boasts two Macau Casinos with Cork offering you the company’s flagship club. It is open from 6pm until 6am every single day of the week. On top of that, membership of the casino is free, so the only money you need to spend is on the way to getting yourself some winnings. If you’d like to join then take your passport, driving license or some other valid photo ID.

The casino has a 6000-square-foot gaming floor, so it’s fair to say that if you like a flutter then you’ll enjoy your surroundings. Luxury and comfort are the buzzwords for the Macau Casino in Cork. Whether you’re looking to place a bet or have a bite to eat in the club’s restaurant, at least you know you’ll be doing it in style.

Macau Casino Cork

Macau Casino Cork

Casino Games


Slots have been one of the most loved devices at a casino since they were first installed, so you’ll be glad to know that Macau Casino Cork has plenty on offer. There are all of the latest games as well as some more traditionally themed devices. On top of that there are also electronic versions of your favourite casino games, such as electronic roulette.


Blackjack is a game that might just be even more popular than slot machines. That’s why the casino has a number of Blackjack tables for all of your ‘vingt-et-un’ needs.


The electronic version of roulette is all well and good, but to feel the real buzz and excitement of the game you need to play the real thing. There’s nothing as fun as watching the ball land in your slot and seeing your chips pile up. There are a couple of European roulette tables here.


The main games on offer at Macau Casino Cork other than the obvious ones are variations on poker. You can play the game proper, of course, but there are also fast-paced variations available here. Three Card Poker is the most common table-variant on the poker theme, but there’s also Casino Hold’em Poker here. That’s a twist on the Texas Hold’em Poker game that has taken the world by storm of late.


The Macau Casino in Cork is made for poker lovers. There are twenty tables that promise big action in comfortable surroundings. You can play cash games, as well as take part in tournaments, with a full schedule of matches from which to choose. The poker room is spread over 4500-square-foot and is air-conditioned, too.

Bars & Restaurants

The restaurant in the Macau Casino in Cork is called Mint and is a lovely place to spend a bit of time between gambling sessions. You can get contemporary meals with a delicious oriental twist to them, as you might well expect from a restaurant located inside a casino named ‘Macau’.


The real joy of the Macau Casino in Cork is that you don’t have to be a member to enter the club and gamble. There is an open door policy in operation and all you need to do is show a valid photo ID that proves that you are over eighteen years of age. If you do want to become a member then that’s easy enough and you can join on your first visit to the casino. Again, all you need is valid ID.

Player Rewards

The casino does offer a Player Reward scheme but it is only open to members. That means that you can enter the club and gamble without having joined up but you won’t benefit from the reward scheme on offer that allows members to earn returns on all of their stakes.

Getting There

The casino is located on the Northern side of the River Lee. It is almost halfway between the Bridge Street bridge and the Brian Boru Street bridge. It is also directly opposite the Merchants Quay Shopping Centre should you need a landmark to look out for.

If you’d like to know about the public transport options available to you then you’re in the right place. Cork Kent Train Station is about five-minutes or so away from the casino on foot. That operates intercity services to the likes of Dublin, as well as commuter services from locations, such as Mallow and Cobh. As far as buses are concerned the St. Patrick’s Quay bus station is virtually outside the door of the club with Camden Quay / Bridge Street bus station just a little bit further along the road.