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Athlone Casinos

Athlone is pretty much smack bang in the middle of the Republic of Ireland. It’s surrounded by lots of little towns and villages and that might lead you to believe that it would be the perfect place for a load of casinos to entertain the locals. You’d be entirely incorrect, however, as there’s just one.

Map of Casinos in Athlone

You won’t get the full-on gaming floor of a Vegas casino at The Lighthouse in Athlone, but you’ll still find interesting electronic games, such as video poker on a few machines throughout the place. They are much keener on table games, which is why you’ll find the option to play casino staples like Blackjack here. There’s roulette available too and, unlike in most other casinos in Ireland, you’ll discover it’s the American version on offer.

People love to play poker, so it’s not really a surprise that there are a number of poker tournaments you can join in on at The Lighthouse. Cash games run on a Wednesday and tournaments take place on Thursdays and Sundays with random match-ups happening the rest of the time.

The Lighthouse has a bar where you can get hold and cold drinks. There are loads of different eateries and drinkeries (not a word) nearby, though, so they may well be more appealing. The casino is on the West side of the River Shannon and just moments away from Athlone Shopping Centre. Given it’s the only casino in town, your choice may be limited but at least what you’re getting is reasonably top-class.